We All Think The Same Thoughts, Don’t We?

We all think the same thoughts. Don’t you agree?

This idea might be obvious to some of you, but to others, it might be a moment of sudden discovery.

And to those who disagree that we all think the same things, just read on and maybe you change your mind.

My personal experience

I didn’t always know that all people share the same thoughts. I came to realize it gradually, and in fact, it was a revelation and comfort to me to mindfully be aware of that fact.

It was a revelation and a comfort to my anxiety because previously I was under the impression that I was the only one having crazy thoughts, funny ideas and so on. I felt guilty, even scared sometimes. But most of the time I felt so much different than other people, which made me an alien among terrestrials. That, in turn, led me to feel lonely, melancholic and even more scared.

Being aware that we all think the same thoughts, helped me feel closer to other people, drop almost 100% of my guilt, and accept my thoughts as passing water in the river. I then realized I’m NOT my thought. I am much more than that. And that is so relieving and liberating.

We all think the same thoughts. So, are we the same?

Realizing and believing that we all think the same thoughts is a start to a very illuminating path in life. But if we all think the same things, then what makes us different?

The major difference is that each one of us chooses to focus on different thoughts. One lets a thought pass by, while another thinks of the same idea so persistently that it becomes an obsession.

Others observe a thought mindfully and move on. They know it’s just a thought, it’s not who they are. If they don’t like that thought, they might contemplate on it for a minute, observe the feelings that come along with it, and move on without judgment.

Thoughts are trains passing by, you don’t need to ride them.

~Evelyn, allmeditate.com

This has great implications on mood, happiness, success and the path you choose to follow in your life. If you think you are unworthy of success, however you define success, while other are worthy of it, and never have the same thoughts as you do, then how can you ever be successful?

You must realize that successful people also think at times that they might not succeed. They do lose their courage. They do get scared and stressed out. They do happen to have the impostor syndrome. But guess what? They choose to ignore all of those unhelpful thoughts and simply move on towards their goals.

So, there you have it. We all think the same thoughts, but some of us choose to focus on the unpleasant ones, while others hold on to the pleasant, fruitful and empowering thoughts. That, I believe, might be the secret to success, health, joy and love. Choosing to focus on positive thinking might be the key to happiness.


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