Visualization: Achieve What You Want Using Your Subconscious Power

Visualization Power To Achieve What You Want


What is visualization?

Visualization is a technique where you use your imagination to give the subconscious mind various pictures of the targets you want to accomplish.

Regardless of the goals and the ambitions you have in your life when you use visualization technique those goals are going to get set into the mind, and it will be much easier for you to take action on them.

When you want to accomplish something big in your life, like for example to lose weight, to start a business, to improve your career or even to start an amazing relationship you need to put in extra effort to it. In these cases visualization motivates and inspires you, as it gets your mind filled of the imagery and the goals.

But in order to understand how you can visualize you first have to understand what the self-image is. The self-image is the view for the world that you build and exist in your subconscious mind. These are your beliefs, about how the world works, how the world is, what is true or false.

But most importantly it is your beliefs about you, weaknesses or strengths, abilities or disabilities. That’s the self-image.

Many people have faulty self-image that holds them back from doing the things they really want to do in their life. And since those beliefs are below the level of awareness it is often difficult to work and shape them. Often we don’t have the awareness of having these beliefs. Yet they are there, controlling all the subconscious actions we take in our life, from where stem most of our result in life.

Visualization: Achieve What You Want Using Your Subconscious Power

Visualization And The Subconscious Mind

Visualization And The Subconscious Mind

Visualization is among the most powerful tools to reshape the self-image. With visualization a flawed self-image can be reshaped in order to get the goals and objectives in our life accomplished.

You don’t have to consider yourself as a visual person in order to use this tool. Most of us already visualize, we just aren’t aware of it. We also don’t do it consciously. In visualization you do the same thing but you are taking conscious control of the process.

Remember a time from your past where you really accomplished a great goal. You’re going to realize that the reason you were accomplish it is because you were visualizing your success. You were visualizing it either throughout the process or in the beginning phases.

The way you acted about everything in life (marriage, career, relationships) was guided by the images and the visions you had in your mind, because you were always dreaming about what you wanted.

Everything in the world started with an image in someone’s mind.

Every work of art, business, product, industry, or service that exists today it all started with a vision. This is the process of creation.

The Importance Of Visualizing

If you are ambitious and you want to be successful imagery is remarkably important for you. In order to accomplish your goals you have to be inspired and motivated by imagery.

Although most people visualize, they do it randomly. Thus, they get that kind of results in their life. If you want consistent, powerful results you have to take visualization process under your control.


These steps are going to be useful for you to follow in order to do successful visualization.

First you sit down, in a quiet room where nobody can disturb you. You need to spend no less than five to ten minutes with yourself. You may want to take a timer with you in order to keep track on time.

Then close your eyes.

Afterwards concentrate on what you want to visualize during the visualization.

Set a goal. It could be something like losing some weight, improving your business or career. You can select one personal development goal that you may have. Make sure that your goal is specific and focused.

The next step is to relax.

Our mind is always thinking and turning. But in order to do successful visualization we need to shut it off. Spend one or two minutes simply doing some deep breathing. Keep with the eyes closed. Although this step is not absolutely necessary if done leads to a more powerful visualization.

After these four steps it is time to begin the visualization.

The Beginning

Now you’re going to start visualizing your goal. Supposing you have a goal to become a millionaire. If that is your goal, you have to start picturing it. What does it look like to be a millionaire? What kind of car, house, work, friends and hobbies would you have? How would your life and feelings be different? You start visualizing all these things. It is important that you want to fill your mind with the imagery.

Your images have to be detailed and vibrant. They will not be at the start, but the more you practice visualization the better. Every time you do visualization the more detailed the images will be.

A trick that may help you is to start using multiple senses. You can also have the sounds. Senses of touch even smell and taste. You want to get as much detail as possible. Using all your senses is going to make it seem more real.

The more authentic this feels to you, the better. It is going into the subconscious mind, and it is adjusting it as you do visualization.

Visualize The Present

Afterwards you have to visualize the present moment. In the example of having a goal to be a millionaire, you ought to visualize yourself being a millionaire right now.

This is a very important point that several people get wrong about visualization. You want to visualize about the present, not the future. This process is tricking your mind and it is not a logical experience, but an extremely emotional one.

Be Consistent

It is important to keep in mind that visualization doesn’t work unless you do it daily. Its point is to program your subconscious mind. This can be done through repetition. So in order to have success in your visualization you have to be consistent. Organize your program including visualization in it, any time that suits you and make sure you will not skip it.

Another very critical point that you also have to keep in mind that your subconscious mind will start resisting. If you visualizing that you are a millionaire although you are actually not and you don’t’ know how you’re going to become one, your subconscious mind is going to rebel against you and tell you that you need to be realistic.

You have to train your subconscious mind not to disobey and resist you, with even more intensity. You have to switch off your critical mind while you’re doing this exercise.

If you do this process of visualization consistently, having the right expectations, you will get some incredible results at least after two to four weeks after. The more you practice visualization the more results you get, just like meditation.

Want To Know More About The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind is an extremely deep topic that influences your life, the results, the success and fulfillment that you get in your life. You can start understanding and working with your subconscious mind in order to get the results that you want in your life.

Many people unless they have deeply studied and thought about this topic, do not understand that the subconscious mind is responsible for all their behaviors, all the habits, beliefs, and about the self-image that they have.

Your Subconscious Power

Visualization And Mindfulness Meditation

Visualization And Mindfulness Meditation

Subconscious consists of the things that are below our awareness level.

Subconscious also includes our model about reality and what we think is right or wrong. The things that motivate you, although you tend to think that it is conscious, are all subconscious. All these, unless you’ve done a lot of personal development work, are below the level of awareness.

Most of what we do throughout our day is driven by the subconscious. Almost 95% of the things you do daily are done subconsciously or even unconsciously.

Subconsciously happening of things means doing something without thinking about it at all, doing it spontaneously and probably while thinking about something totally different at the same time.

The question that rises is if the conscious you or the subconscious you is actually doing it. If you consider this and begin noticing different parts in your life where things are happening spontaneously without a lot of your conscious effort or awareness, then that is a sign that it’s happening from your subconscious mind.

Considering the above we conclude that we have habits, beliefs and routines in our lives that come from an unconscious level.

This is a very important thing that you have to understand. If you want to change something in your life that you are not happy with it, the solution to achieve it, solve it permanently and get amazing results out of it, is on a subconscious and not on a conscious level.

Your behaviors, which contribute to your acts and the results that you get, are coming from the subconscious. Having certain beliefs or limitations about your self-image, your confidence, and your abilities or disabilities holds you back while you do not realize it.

You can spend years trying to accomplish a goal that you have and continuously failing, only because you have things below the surface and you do not realize it.

Being under the surface means that you cannot just go in and directly fix them. On the other hand the subconscious mind doesn’t react well to only a one-time conscious input.

It is possible that you may think, that the way to fix that problem is by going to therapy and bringing it to surface. While that does happen sometimes, generally, just knowing about a problem is not enough. Yet, it is a good start to put a little bit of awareness on it. However, the subconscious mind is an animal mind.


All animals are operating on a subconscious level without having awareness or consciousness. They are operating with their instincts.

If you’ve ever had huge changes or transformations in your life, those happened because you’ve either gotten yourself some sort of inspiring vision that caused a shift in your subconscious or because you tend to go with the negative model.

In the case of the negative model you keep “hitting your head against a brick wall” until something changes and your subconscious reshapes. In both these models your subconscious is being reprogrammed.

It is important to understand that this procedure takes time. You cannot just reprogram your subconscious mind at once. You have to be consistent and persistent.

Consider successful people who achieve their success by developing themselves and working on their subconscious even if they do not realize it. They are reprogramming their subconscious they do visualization and they create incredible visions and targets for themselves.

They repeat them to themselves until they simply believe them. They are reforming their beliefs and their self-image. Thus they are able to achieve astonishing goals.

It is also possible that they were naturally persistent people who kept failing and struggling, until something changed and they moved to the next level and evolved.

Through this process of persistence, they managed to reshape their subconscious mind to the point where it does what they want it to do.

That is the reason why this change is difficult and takes time.

Also that is the reason why a one-time conscious input will not result a significant level of change for you. It is only going to make you feel good on a conscious level. It might even inspire you and make you feel great about yourself. But, it will not last.

Permanent and lasting things about you are deep in your self-subconscious. In case you need permanent and long lasting outcomes, you have to have some constant positive thoughts and habits.

It is about positive against negative patterns. These are imprinted into your mind. Your beliefs are even deeper. You can do advanced person development work when you start working with this idea using relevant techniques.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Video: How To Use Your Subconscious Mind For Anything You Desire by Bob Proctor

You can work on yourself and the subconscious mind of yours. You can analyze it.

Several techniques can be done you. You may do visualization. You may even go to therapy and try to get things out of your subconscious and also instill things into it with the conscious mind. There are not much things that you can do using your conscious mind, since it has limited willpower.

You have to try not to waste that willpower and use it to imprint those on your subconscious mind. After a while that your subconscious mind is trained in any activity, you build up this habit and this can be a great relief.

Then you can truly have a change in your life and you don’t have to be constantly cautious about it. You can use your willpower for other purposes.

This concept is powerful and advanced.

One of the action points is awareness. Gain further awareness; devote a little bit more time, daily, observing the things that happen and the things that you do. The subconscious part of you is doing them. Consider this and think about the fact that your subconscious mind could be more aligned with your conscious targets and wishes than it is now. That is the first step.

Visualization: Achieve What You Want Using Your Subconscious Power

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