Top Meditation Websites in 2015

Top Meditation Websites in 2015Type meditation into your search engine and you will see that the online meditation arena presents a confusing array of the sincere and the profit driven. In such an environment, meditation gold sometimes remains elusive.

Top Meditation Websites in 2015

To save people the frustration I had to endure, here is a list of the 10 Best Meditation Websites.

Top Meditation Websites in 2015

  1. The Meditation Society of Australia: This community has much to offer for all experience levels.There are mobile apps, podcasts and even a free Beginner’s Course. The daily meditation can be useful and meditation music, especially of the free variety, is always welcome.You can pay for the online classes, and at $10 for life is not a huge burden, but the necessity for the paid version comes down to sound quality. If you can handle lower quality, the premium option may be a wasted expense. The site proudly establishes itself as “open source meditation” and specifically does not adhere to any particular meditation style.
  2. FreeMeditation: This is a user-friendly and appealing site that covers all the generals. If you want the latest articles or videos relating to meditation, they have it. Looking for a specific type of meditation? Just scroll down past the articles. It is definitely in my list for Top Meditation Websites in 2015. There is a well written blog, online meditation, music, an online course, a basic guide and a list of reasons to meditate in the first place. A solid page to begin research on the topic or to employ for the long haul.
  3. This site’s offering is an online course created by a well-respected and knowledgeable teacher. It is well made, has a 4-week module and includes step-by-step readings, access to the online course forum and private coaching through email. The site is donation based, offering their online library as an enticement for higher donation. There are a number of new courses being offered, such as “Optimize Your Brain!” which claims to be the result of the latest neuroscience research.
  4. This site focuses on guided meditation, offering a varied series of them. Also on the site can be found the basics on how to meditate and meditation music. They also offer a rather highly rated app. Much of the content can be downloaded as software, a big plus for the site. Last, there is an online meditation course. It is 4 weeks long and includes simple instructions and the option to pay for private consultations. A newly added course focuses on easing anxiety and the “relax into sleep” guided meditation sounds like heaven.
  5. The Divine Life Society of Australia maintains a weekly Skype session that involves participants from around the world. They run every Saturday, and registration is open for 10 minutes, starting 5:45am Sydney time, with the meditation following at 6am and lasting 45 minutes.
  6. Headspace: My favorite of the Top Meditation Websites in 2015. This website and its accompanying app exist to deliver mindfulness meditation to the general public. Starting at 10 minutes a day, the content is easy to understand and not burdensome. The short animated videos engage the beginner and teach in a light handed way. Through these methods, users learn brief methods and techniques for mindfulness that they can employ on a daily basis.
  7. Movement of Inner Spiritual Awareness Online Meditation Classes; This is a 12 week course founded by John Roger. It is targeted for beginners and employs video, audio and readings to engage the student.They emphasize “active meditations” that are designed to connect people with their inner source of wisdom.
  8. This website serves as a tool to facilitate meditation. It offers meditation timers, music to calm the mind and video recordings of nature, such as falling snow, rolling waves or the setting sun. All these are designed to allow a person to clear the mind in front of their computer, and with the app, in front of a mobile device as well.
  9. This is not a how to site, it exists solely to serve the meditation community by connecting students and teachers and meditation centers. They have some products for sale, but it detracts very little from the site’s primary aim. While touring the site, there is an impression that all content, such as videos and pictures, are a product of the community, not a product designed for the community.
  10. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center: This university site offers online classes, results of the latest research, and a decent amount of guided meditations in English and Spanish. There is also a podcast and a newsletter and even a video gallery. Each section presents content clearly in a simple and appealing, and highly user friendly, way.

I hope this proves useful in your search for information about Top Meditation Websites in 2015.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2016 Everyone!



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