Mindfulness and Meditation Recources

This page contains resources I have used or I recommend. I update this page frequently. It may contain affiliate links to offers from which I might get a small commission if you decide to join a training program at no extra cost for you.



zenhabits.net – My favorite blogger, Leo Babauta. For anything from meditation to habit change, zenhabits is the go-to blog.

tinybuddha.com – My second favorite blog with lots of comprehensive articles on meditation, letting go and mindfulness.

Mindful Meditation Books and CDs



Learn Meditation

The Depth Factor – The Depth Factor is a high-quality meditation program. consists of six high-quality meditation audios, The Depth Factor Manual, The Depth Factor Q & A, The Depth Factor Deep Breathing Guide and several bonuses. Watch the free video.

The Super Mind Evolution System – Get the ebook 7 Real Mind Power Secrets for $37 free

Window To The Mind – Free Video About The Law of Attraction and The Simple Triggers to Stop Self Sabotage Entirely

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 – Classic course on the art of getting what you want

Abundant Mind: Visualization Videos For The Law Of Attraction – Abundant Mind visualization videos are tools that literally enable you to re-program your subconscious mind and positively affect your thoughts, emotions and your mindset.

Learn Hypnosis

Total Money Magnetism – Get the brain of a millionaire. From the creators Of Manifestation Miracle, and authored by Dr Steve G Jones

Hypnosis & NLP Certification Course – Discover how you can transform your thoughts, emotions and real-world experiences into something that will enrich your life and those around you. Neuro linguistic programming or NLP is the missing key to life’s many challenges – it allows you to utilize natural will power to achieve the things you want in life and also help others do the same. Online NLP Practitioner Certification Course still available for a fraction of the price of traditional NLP courses.

The Wealth Switch – Controversial Hypnosis Session Activates Your Inner Wealth Switch


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