Money And Mindfulness: Can They Coexist?

You may be asking yourself what mindfulness and money have to do with each other. They may seem like two completely disparate topics that don’t go together in the same breath let alone conversation. Who would think that yoga or meditation would impact proper financial decisions, right? Isn’t all of that stuff new age nonsense?

The truth behind mindfulness is that it isn’t new age nonsense, and opens up a practitioner to a wide range of benefits that extend beyond finding a person’s zen.

So, let’s explore the relationship between mindfulness and wealth.

money and mindfulness, mindfulness and wealth

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is this state of being where you’re working on bringing yourself to a state of awareness about yourself. Meditation and yoga are both traditional ways of finding a state of mindfulness.

People that practice mindfulness on a regular basis are often better able to deal with stress, more in touch with themselves, and are generally healthier.

It’s become such a mainstream practice because of these benefits that many Fortune 500 companies are finding ways to incorporate mindfulness into their office as part of their employee perks. It’s a win-win for these companies because special perks such as these improve recruiting and lower turnover along with making well-adjusted employees that excel in their careers.

Money and Mindfulness Together

Money and mindfulness go together like peanut butter and jelly. A person that’s stressed out, worried about life, not sure where they should turn next, and are dealing with health conditions is probably not going to be making the best decisions in life, financial and otherwise.

Think about how you feel when you’re stressed and having to deal with a small issue. You almost immediately jump to panic mode, even if the issue isn’t a very big deal.

However, a person that’s more in tune with themselves, and has found a sense of peace is going to have a much better time in letting go of distractions to focus on decisions. This person that’s more aware of what’s going on in their life will have a better thought process than the stressed out individual.

Think about how you feel when everything’s going right, and that same small issue pops up. You’d probably handle it relatively easily without too much-extended effort. Your brain isn’t already in crisis mode when presented with the issue, and it can focus fully on finding an easy solution. The same is true for financial matters.

Money + Mindfulness: Living in Abundance

The book, Money + Mindfulness: Living in Abundance written by expert Lisa Messenger is aimed at helping people step beyond wishing or dreaming about what they would like to do with themselves in life and making it happen.

Combining common sense talk about how we need to move beyond the stigma of talking about money, and lessons that she’s learned from her own journey in becoming successful, you’ll feel inspired to stop talking about what you’d do if you had more money and start doing what’s needed to get to that place.

Click here to read some Money and Mindfulness quotes.

Mindfulness and Money: The Buddhist Path to Abundance

The book, Mindfulness and Money: The Buddhist Path to Abundance written by Kulananda and Dominic Houlder who are two of the most successful teachers in Buddhism today helps to explore how the Buddhist path can bring about financial independence.

Drawing on their own experience as successful business people, and their knowledge of the Buddhist religion, they can help to guide you on your own path in exploring Buddhism to become successful in your own right through mindfulness.

How to Incorporate More Mindfulness in Your Life

Hopefully, this has created a spark deep inside you that yearns to start building your own wealth through applying mindfulness in your own life. That’s the first step to awareness. A great way to start incorporating mindfulness is to read good quality literature that will help give you a base to work from, and these two books are a great jumping off point as they get to the heart of the matter of applying mindfulness to your financial situation.

The next thing that you can do is to start practicing your own mindfulness technique. Take a yoga class at your local gym or yoga studio. Rent a yoga DVD and practice in the peace of your own home if being in front of others separates you from your sense of peace. Take a mindful meditation class.

Download a meditation app that helps to guide you through the practice of meditation or check out some of the websites that offer guided meditation. The key is that you want to start doing these practices on a more regular basis to ingrain the behavior as that’s when you’ll start to see the benefits.

Combining mindfulness and abundance may seem at first glance like an ill-fated romance, but these two together can help you to accomplish your financial goals.

Creating financial abundance doesn’t come overnight, and for many, it’s important to watch those that have come before you to see the best way to go about making this a reality in your life.

If fortune 500 companies and highly-successful people are utilizing what some still call new age phooey to help them achieve their financial goals, it’s time to wake up and start paying attention. Take the first step today towards changing your life for the better.

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