Are You Looking To Regain A Stress-Free Life, Breath Freely and Feel Happy, However You Are Stuck With Your Daily Routine? 

Reap The Risk-free Benefits Of Mindful Meditation And Learn How It Can Give You The Old YOU Back!

Mindful Meditation is not a “fad” that doesn’t work. It is not tricky or weird or geeky. It is not only for Buddhist monks or Yogis, in fact it is for anyone regardless of age, religion and current situation. You can learn to practice is while in the comfort of your own home, or at work or even when you are walking.

This guide is about the simple realistic steps you can take now to release tension and pressure, and get a relaxing life with Mindful Meditation. When you practice Mindful Meditation you will find clarity, joy and peace of mind, without having to change anything else in your life.

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Mindful Meditation

A Beginner’s Guide To Practicing Meditation & Being Mindful

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Dear Friend,

This is Evelyn, the blogger behind I started this personal meditation blog when my life turned out to be more difficult than I expected, and I had to seek shelter in the wisdom of meditation.

When you are raised in a protected environment, life seems easy. And as an adult, sometimes you realize it is not that easy at all. Moreover, you might have a difficulty to actually grow up, that is feel and act as an adult.

You know what I mean, if you tend to any of the following:

  • AnxietyAllMeditate-Mindful-Meditation
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings
  • Alcohol or other addictions
  • Lack of concentration
  • Weakened immune system
  • Digestive Problems
  • Physical illness (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and skin deaseases or any a stress-related skin disorder).

With most of us living fast-paced lifestyles, trying to balance work, family and social activities can take it’s toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Learning to meditate

Learning to meditate can deliver a sense of calm and inner happiness to our lives and help promote the feeling of peace and balance that frequently get lost when we are busy trying to juggle everything we have to accomplish on a daily basis.

Testimonials By My Awesome Readers

The habit of mindful meditation is a gateway into your inner self, resulting in an enhanced awareness of your own existence, your thoughts and feeling and your overall relationship to the universe.

meditation-benefitsLet me list some of the benefits of mindful meditation the way I feel them:

  • Stronger focus and concentration.
  • Deeper connection to your higher self.
  • Reduced tension, angst and stress.
  • Clear thinking and less emotional turmoil.
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Support in self-defeating behaviors.
  • Greater creativity, energy and enhanced performance in work and play.
  • Increased self-awareness and self-acceptance.
  • More joy, love and spontaneity.
  • Greater intimacy with friends and loved ones.
  • Deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Glimpses of a spiritual dimension of being.

Whether you are seeking an answer the age-old question, “Who am I and why am I here?” or simply to apply simple relaxation practices to help ease your mind, meditation may just be the perfect solution for you.


mindful meditation book

Mindful Meditation

A Beginner’s Guide To Practicing Meditation And Being Mindful

Meditation is not new. Meditation has been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years.

It has many different cultural contexts, and it is found in various forms in different traditions. The essence and benefits of meditation transcend the boundaries of any one specific culture.

According to philosophies of the East, to meditate means to think on the eternal, or rather to expand your consciousness until you are at one with the universe as a whole.

This belief is based on the notion that transcendental feelings like grief, euphoria or even love can fade away, but the universe is forever.

Even if you’re not so much into the metaphysical significance of meditation, it has undeniable health benefits. It integrates many relaxation techniques that will help you wipe off the negative feelings that accompany the stress of leading a hectic lifestyle.

Learning to meditate is easy and can be done in only minutes per day, which is exactly what the guide I’m offering today teaches and makes plain in everyday language.


A digital book about:

  • The origin of meditation and its impact on people
  • The various benefits of meditation
  • Some of the most important reasons why you must embrace the meditation lifestyle
  • The different approaches to meditation
  • How you can use them to unlock your hidden potential
  • How to use simple meditation exercises for relaxation, stress relief and more
  • Some simple, yet effective ways to cultivate a positive mindset through meditation
  • How to start the habit of daily meditation

“Mindful Meditation” for the amazingly low price of just $5.99 ($12.99, $7 off the original price).

This ebook has so much value packed into it, that you will be amazed. It is very easy to read and understand. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with this meditation guide, I will offer you a full refund, no questions asked.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

That’s right. Order now and get a full 30-day moeny back guarantee. If for any reason at all, you are not satisfied with this product please contact me for full refund instructions. But, please, first: Read – Absorb – Apply! Then observe the results. 

What Others Think of Meditation

Read a couple of real reviews on how meditation and mindfulness have changed people’s lives.

Meditation has given me the gift of stillness in my life

   Mylene Testa

I feel calmer than ever

Jeff Guthertz

Mindfulness gave me a fresh perspective after my father’s death

Katie Hooper


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The various benefits of meditation
Some of the most important reasons why you must embrace the meditation lifestyle
The different types of meditation and how you can use them to unlock your hidden potential
How to use simple meditation exercises for relaxation, stress relief and more
Some simple, yet effective ways to cultivate a positive mindset through meditation
How to start the habit of daily meditation

Make your stress-free life a reality like so many people already have by learning and applying the simple techniques described in this guide.



P.S: You are completely backed by my 30-day money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. So grab your copy of Mindful Meditation ebook now!

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  1. Antoine

    Hello, Evelyn. I just finished your book and I’ve also subscribed to headspace . com. The book has given me all I needed to know about mindful meditation and the app has helped me keep up with the daily habit. Thank you for what you do. Antoine

  2. Robert Bernacchi

    I just bought your book and was only able to save it as a pdf format. I also was able to download the 52 ways file as well. I can’t get the 3 Mp3 files to work. I try to save them in my Dropbox or Amazon cloud. They are in zip format. When I try to play them my player can’t find them even on my Amazon list. Can you advise? I wish I could read the book in kindle or nook but I had problems saving the book to them. Thanks.


    1. Evelyn

      Hello Bob.
      Thank you for your purchase. Why don’t you try downloading the zip file to your desktop or laptop? It has to be unzipped before you can listen to the MP3s.
      What you bought is no way connected to Amazon.
      So trying that and get back to me if you have any problems.

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