Meditation Tips

meditation tips

Meditation Tips and Advice

Meditation Tips and Advice

While meditation is essentially a simple practice, it can also be overwhelming for a beginner. Here are a number of things you can do to enhance the experience and focus on your practice.

These meditation tips may make all the difference to your meditation sessions, particularly if you are having difficulty truly relaxing and letting go of stressful thoughts.

Meditation Tip #1: Keep interruptions to a minimum

Ensure that you are not interrupted in any way by first of all letting colleagues or family members know that you are not to be disturbed.

Turn off the phone, shut the door leave all electronic devices in another room and close yourself off from the outside world.

If you are constantly half listening for the phone or a door bell, or worry about a mobile phone notification, then it will be very difficult to concentrate on meditating.

Setting aside the time and space for uninterrupted meditation will result in a far more effextive experience.

Meditation Tip #2: Try to meditate at the same time daily

Most experienced meditators find that optimum times for meditation are around sunrise and sunset.

By establishing a regular habit of meditating at these times, especially in the morning, you will find it easier to settle into the rhythm of your meditation.

You can meditate just once a day and see incredible results. Moreover, meditating twice a day will link you to the natural daily rhythms of our world, and will enable you to tune into and use those rhythms for your own health and well-being.

Many people find, upon first taking up meditation, that it is difficult to set aside time for their practice regularly. Sticking to a daily habit makes this far easier and it is therefore more likely that you will continue to meditate, thereby reaping the rewards of the practice .

Meditation Tip #3: Try to meditate in the same place every time

Arranging a special corner or particular room for meditation also helps to establish regular, easy-to-follow practice.

When you go to that place you will find that you naturally want to meditate. Of course, you can meditate anywhere and anytime but it helps in the beginning to have a quiet and special place, so that you establish your new habit the easy way.

Meditation Tip #4: Do not meditate on a full stomach. Don’t be hungry either

After eating, most of us tend to feel sluggish as our energy is directed towards digestion.

Meditation demands mental energy and concentration so it is better, if possible, to meditate at least an hour after eating.

If meditating first thing in the morning, try to do so before breakfast. If you are really hungry, have a glass of juice or milk first.

Meditation Tip #5: Meditate in a comfortable position

It is important to sit upright when meditating as this allows the energy to flow freely through the spinal column and the whole body. If you slump or slouch, the energy flow may be blocked which impairs breathing and diminishes your mental alertness.

If you like, you may perform a few gentle stretches before meditating. It is also useful to experiment with position to find what suits you best.

You may find, for example, that you prefer to sit in a comfortable chair to meditate rather than on a cushion.

With repeated practice, you will find that maintaining good posture when meditating becomes remarkably easy and leads to increased flexibility in just a matter of days.

Meditation Tip #6: Don’t worry about doing it correctly

Meditating may feel stressful or overwhelming at the beginning. So instead of feeling relaxed and concentrated, you may find yourself worried if you are doing everything as you should.

My tip is not to worry at all. Just breathe… There is no need to be scared.

Check out Andy Puddicombe’s “Tips to help you overcome anxiety during meditation practice“.

Next time, when you feel your pulse, rather than trying to calm it down or get away from it and rather than trying to focus on the breath instead, simply give the feeling your full attention.

Simply be curious, without getting caught up in the anxiety itself, we are learning more about it and thereby changing our relationship towards it.

Follow these meditation tips and you will experience a far more profound and beneficial meditative experience which will greatly improve your health, energy and wellbeing.

Remember that daily practice is considered paramount and that meditation becomes better and easier with each session.

Check out some meditation tips on the following video from Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra‘s Top 8 Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips

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