AllMeditate-Mindful-MeditationWelcome to My name is Evelyn. I started this blog some time ago as a hobby and a way to release my stress and transform myself at the same time.

I have been through stress and anxiety, I have lived through depression, and I found a way out in mindfulness.

So, I started this blog which is about meditation, mindfulness and awareness of the present moment. I publish articles on minful meditation, new habits, change and personal development.

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Different meditation techniques

There are lots of different kinds of meditation, and many different names for each “school”. Generally though, you can divide them into two groups (which somewhat overlap):

  • calming meditation and
  • insight meditation

With calming meditation, you concentrate on a particular object, such as your breath, a mantra, a visualisation, a physical object, or even physical sensations within your body. Benefits include a quieter, more peaceful state of mind, and improved concentration.

On the other hand, people have traditionally practiced insight meditation to transform their minds by developing qualities such as wisdom and compassion.

The resources and articles you will find on this site combine techniques from both calming and insight meditation. Also, while most types of meditation were originally part of various spiritual disciplines, refers to them in a totally non-religious way.

Why I (and You) Need Meditation

While you might be looking after your body by eating right and going to the gym, are you taking proper care of your mind? Moreover, have you ever thought that taking care of your mind might help you reach your physiological goals?

Meditation can help you do that, and feel contentment, greater clarity, wellbeing and happiness.

There are really no excuses. Meditation is easy and can be practiced almost wherever you are while you’re standing or sitting or even walking.

Headspace founder, Andy says:

Yes! Absolutely, anyone can learn to meditate. With the exception of people suffering from the most severe forms of mental illness, where we strongly recommend seeking expert advice from a GP or specialist.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people from all walks of life. In my own teaching experience, children from as young as six and adults well into their 80s can all learn and benefit from meditation.

It’s particularly easy to learn to meditate. Grab my digital book at an extremely low price and begin your journey to clarity and relaxation.

Meditation, practiced regularly, can truly transform you: scientists have found that mindfulness (the result of meditating) actually changes the shape of our brains.

But more importantly, it changes your experience of life for the better. It helps us feel more energetic, yet peaceful inside, better able to deal with problems and get on with others.

And meditation helps you and has helped me:

  • Feel less anxious, sad or angry
  • Switch off after work
  • Fall asleep at night
  • Control your cravings
  • Focus (in your work, sport or other activity)
  • Find a healthy weight

Thank you for joining me in this beautiful journey.

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