Too busy for Mindfulness? Consider Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Almost every one of as is constantly moving during the day, both physically and mentally. We have so many things that we have to do and pay attention to that our neurons are working in extremely fast speed.

During our straggle to get somewhere we often forget to be present to the moment. Consider of the times that you are rushing yourself to go home to relax. If at that time you become present, you can realize that there is no need to rush home to relax and you can choose to be different.

The Four Steps Of Walking Meditation

A trick that can help you train your brain to be present while you are just walking is the walking meditation practice.

1. Be thankful. In case you are among the fortunate ones that have the ability to walk, do not forget, it took you more than a year to learn the way to walk and your legs are the heroes that take you to places every day. Appreciate your legs for all their efforts.

2. Ground. Focus to the sensations of your feet and legs as they touch the ground. Feel your heel, the base of the foot, your toes, and then the lift. You can also say to yourself, “Heel, foot, and toes, lift.” In that way you can connect to the action of walking in the present moment.

3. Become aware of your Senses. Walk a little bit slower and start to open your awareness to all your senses. Sight, hearing, taste, feeling, and smell. Understand what surrounds you, hear the sounds, taste whatever is in your mouth, feel the heat, the cold, or the breeze on your face, smell the air. After that, pause for a while and see if you can take in all of the senses.

4. Recite a phrase that can be helpful. Repeat a phrase while taking a few steps. You could for example while taking a few steps repeat to yourself, “Breathe in, I have arrived, breathe out, I am home” or “Breathe in, I relax my body, breathe out, I am calm.” You can of course think of your own sayings.

How To Meditate – Walking Meditation

Mindfulness On The Move: Walking Meditation Practice

This can be done during walking to work, walking in the hallways, while you are running errands, or even while you are walking from your car to your home. Remember this is a practice. Every time you are rushing anywhere, simply say to your self: “rushing, rushing, rushing”. It is going to help you be aware of the moment and be present.

Since you are going to be present you can start any of the ways of mindful walking. This is something that you have to try yourself and practice often. Consider how your life will change in the next weeks, months, and years if you commit yourself on practicing regularly walking mindfulness.


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